Denied Boarding

Almost every flight has no show passengers. They are those who although have confirmed booking but do not show up for the flight at the last hour. Their numbers vary depending on the route, but there number can be substantial.


As a measure to minimize these "no show passengers" and accommodate as many passengers possible, as per industrial practice Oman Air is also permitted to sell more seats than are available in the aircraft. As a result, there are times when more passengers with confirmed reservations report for the flight than there are seats available and regrettably, Oman Air may have to deny boarding to some of its valuable customers.


On such a situation Oman Air will render the following services for the affected passengers:

  • Arrange for seat on the next available flight on Oman Air; or reroute to any other airline, as per passenger preference.
  • 3 minutes telephone call to allow you to keep your family/business informed.
  • If the next flight is after 6 hours, arrange for transportation/taxi fare for you to return home/hotel or provide hotel accommodation, with meals and transportation on our account.

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